Audiophilleo 2

Audiophilleo 2 5.400 kr.

Audiophilleo 2+purepower 8.900 kr.

Audiophilleo 2+purepower+Wireworld UV usb kabel 9.400 kr.

Audiophilleo adresserer alle kendte kilder til jitter og leverer dermed et signal til D/A22690b65_audiophilleo konverteren i klasse med det bedste der findes på markedet. Det asynkrone interface gør at der ikke bliver gået på kompromis grundet manglende synkronisering.

Audiophilleo2’s lydmæssige egenskaber er identisk med Audiophilleo1 dog uden alle de avanceret features.

  • Direct connection to any DAC without an expensive S/PDIF cable
  • Runs with standard USB drivers on Mac, Windows and Linux computers—even latest iPads
  • Up to 192 kHz/24 bit playback (free Windows Vista/7 driver update included)
  • Add new features in minutes with firmware updates
  • Ramped muting is gentle on the ears, ‘phones, amps and speakers
  • Always-on S/PDIF output cuts the clicks between tracks
  • USB powered for easy installation
  • Multi-function LED reports on “health” and status
  • Compact and ergonomic: You can take it with you
  • Any color you want, as long as it’s a dark, metallic gray
  • And the same three-year limited  Warranty as the Audiophilleo1.