Stereo effektforstærkere

SOtM sPA-1000

29.990 kr.

  • Full balanced Class D Amplifier

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NuPrime ST-10

14.890 kr.

The ST-10 amplifier is NuPrime’s Reference LE (near-reference) power amplifier forST-10 listeners who require a reference-class amplifier at a somewhat lesser power rating of 2 x 150W (8 Ohm).

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NuPrime STA-9

6.890 kr.

Klasse A + D Stereo forstærker. Kan brokobles til en 290W monoblok

NuPrime STA-9, er en 2 X 120W Klasse A + D stereo forstærker,STA-9-BLACK_1 som kan brokobles til en 290W monoblok. Den er designet så den efterligner de mest attraktive træk ved rørforstærker-lyd men uden rørenes ulemper og begrænsninger. STA-9 byder på et rummeligt, gennemsigtigt, dynamisk og luksuriøst tekstureret lydbillede.

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NuPrime STA-6

3.490 kr.

Class A+D Stereo Amplifier Brigeable into a 160 watt Mono Amplifier

With 2 X 90W Class A+D stereo amp, bridgeable into a 160W mono amp, STA-6 is designed with enhanced even-order harmonic circuitry that produces sonic characteristic similar to NuPrime STA-9, but leaning toward neutral with a slight hint of warmth. The STA-6’s spacious, transparent, dynamic and luxuriously textured soundstage has to be heard to believed.

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Belles SA-30 Klasse A stereo effektforstærker

47.995 kr.

The SA-30 has been purely designed as genuine alternative to quality valve tube designs. Ituntitledljo competes extremely well with valve amplifiers by offering sonic excellence, lower distortion, deep and more controlled bass, sweeter and clean upper frequencies plus excellent reliability.

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Belles SA-100 stereo effektforstærker

47.995 kr.

As a new member of the Belles Statement range, The SA-100 possesses a pedigree thatuntitled100 could produce nothing less. It contains the same technology advances that are incorporated in the entire statement range. The result is one of the most musically complete 100 watt amplifiers on the market period

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Belles 350A v2 stereo effekt

32.995 kr.

The Belles 350A V2 Reference power amplifier is a combination that seldom finds itself so350a3 beautifully balanced. It is one thing to engineer a product to serve a purpose reliably. It is another to design a piece of audio equipment to perform so beautifully that it stirs the soul. The Belles 350A V2 Reference power amplifier is one of those rare instances where art and science combine to create a soul stirring marvel of musical enjoyment.

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Belles 150A Ref V2 Stereo effekt

22.495 kr.

Building upon the successful platform that was the 150A reference amplifier. The newm ,m Version (V2) offers improved performance at a more advantageous price than its predecessor.
The new Belles 150A V2 has improved musicality, lower noise floor and a higher damping factor than the original model, which improved speaker driving ability and the ability to ‘free’ the music from the confines of the speaker boundaries.

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Belles Soloist 5 stereo effekt

8.995 kr.

  • 65W (Rms) per channel @ 8 ohmsimages
  • Damping factor over 500
  • Current delivery >16 amps
  • 12 volt turn-on trigger
  • High quality components
  • Size 305mm W x 216mm x D 90mm H

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NuForce STA-100

5.295 kr.

NuForce har udviklet STA-100 forstærkeren til audio entusiasten der ønsker en audiofiluntitledff stereo effektforstærker, i et elegant kabinet af beskeden størrelse. Effektforstærkeren er opbygget af kvalitets dele og er udstyret med en avanceret, højeffektiv switching forstærker, STA-100 leverer ægte NuForce ydelse og værdi.

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