NuForce HA-200

2.695 kr.

The NuForce HA-200 is a high performance, Single Ended, Class-A Headphone Amplifiernuforce-ha200-9 engineered to satisfy the requirements of the most devout headphone enthusiast.


As personal music listening and headphone use has become an ever-greater part of the audio market, the desire for uncompromised headphone amplification among devout enthusiasts has increased accordingly. The HA-200 was developed to specifically meet this need by uniting the most musically accurate technology available along with renowned NuForce value.


As an ultimate high-performance headphone amplifier, the HA-200 starts out with Class-A design and then combines that with a constant current output topology. Furthermore, when it is operated in classic Stereo Mode it also offers true Single-Ended (SE) output performance. As a valuable plus, two units can easily be combined to provide true Balanced Headphone Mode operation, which quadruples the available output power (2X voltage = 4X power) while increasing transient speed and dynamic control over the music.

  • Frequency Response :20Hz – 20kHz, -0.1dB, 300 Ohm load
  • Recommended Headphone impedance:32 to 600 Ohm
  • Output Voltage and power (RMS):1kHz **16 Ohm, 2.8Vrms, 0.5Wrms 30 Ohm, 5.6Vrms, 1Wrms **300 Ohm, 8.3Vrms, 0.22Wrms High Z, 8Vrms
  • Balanced Mode:200 Ohm, 14.6Vrms
  • Maximum Output:2W @ 32 Ohm, Balanced mode 8W @ 64 Ohm
  • THD + N:0.002%, om 20-20kHz, 1kHz, 1Vrms
  • SNR:>120dB, weighted 2Vrms
  • System gain:10dB
  • Input impedance:22 kOhm
  • Output impedance:5 Ohm
  • Power Consumption:22W
  • Weight:5 lb. (2.26 kg)