Genelec G series

G One

3.990 kr/sæt.

Delivering high sound level with very low distortion, easily located next to a computer in 8240a_01_front_view_p_0 any home environment, the G One can be used for music or home theatre systems along with any type of audio sources. Due to its small size, it is also the perfect companion while on the move.

However, it is better not to underestimate the astounding performance of Genelec G One, especially if it is combined with a Genelec F One subwoofer which will enhance the lower frequencies in stereo or multichannel applications.



6.390 kr./sæt

Being at the same time small and powerful, this active loudspeaker can be used in music,2_155913-2566x2566 home theatre or computer setups to bring out all the details and subtlety of the audio source material.

Adding a Genelec F One subwoofer in a stereo setup or a Genelec F Two subwoofer in a multichannel system will provide an unbelievable audio experience to the listeners.



G Three

9.190 kr./sæt

Design and performance have made the G Three extremely popular, in all respects, amongg_three_white_side_minus_25_final_copy people who are looking for an unobtrusive active speaker design with high performance. Thanks to its versatile response adjustments the Genelec G Three can easily be placed in acoustically challenging environments.

Even if the low frequency performance of the G Three is astounding, it can easily be complemented with an F Series subwoofer to reproduce extremely low frequencies. The Genelec F Two is recommended in stereo systems, for example.



G Four

14.790 kr./sæt

For serious Hifi listening this amazing active speaker gives a new dimension to sound by10808-1200-0df12c9f-031f-4332-a58d-43c1986f9066-Genelec_G_Four_1 bringing out all the details and nuances of the audio material. It is the reproduction system that all musicians and producers are seeking for as it reproduces sound as it was meant to be during the creation process.

The Genelec G Three provides many adjustment possibilities and allows proper calibration of the active speaker in any type of rooms, even the most acoustically challenging environments. All this to make your listening experience the best one ever.



G Five

22.990 kr./sæt

Its bass reproduction goes lower than what most subwoofers can do, providing at the same2_155913-2566x2566 time extremely high sound pressure with very low distortion. Thanks to its large waveguide the Genelec G Five reproduces all the nuances and dynamic of the audio material with incomparable fidelity.

As featured in all Genelec G Series, the G Five provides acoustical response adjustments to allow correct setup and acoustical calibration to the room it is placed in. The G Five can even be placed in acoustically challenging room and provide an amazing listening experience.