Wilson Benesch The Circle System og tilbehør

The full circle system: Circle værk, ACT 0,5 tonearm, Ply pickup 24.900 kr.wilson-benesch-the-circle-med2

Circle værk 10.900 kr.A.C.T.0.5-Tonearm-Analogue-Collection-product-preview

Tonearm: ACT 0,5 9.500 kr.

Tonearm: Nanotube 24.950 kr.nano2_big

Pickup: Ply: 9.000 kr.ply-2

Pickup Carbon  16.500 kr.18787788

















The Circle
• Advanced materials used throughout.
• Totally unique design concept.
• Low mass design.
• Immensely stiff unidirectional carbon fibre rods us
ed in the principle structural components.
• High tolerance phosphor bronze plain bearing with t
ool steel spindle.

The Ply (moving coil cartridge)
• The ply is the perfect starting point for the circl
e, complimenting as it does the advance materials
technology used in both the tonearm and the turntab
• The Ply is a derivative of the Matrix cartridge.
• The ply is sold as part of the Full Circle Package.
• The maintenance costs are excellent.
• The net result is a robust design that provides no
unnecessary frills. What is achieved is maximum
performance at a highly competitive price.

Physical Electrical
ylus Tip Type Nude elliptic diamond Output Voltage Low 0.58mV High 1.58mV
Stylus Tip Radius 7.6/17.7 micro millimetre Coil Impedance 25 ohms
Cantilever Solid boron Freq Response 10-50 Khz
Coil Former Pure iron Channel Balance Better than 0.5 db
Coil C
Body Solid woven carbon fibre
System Matching

Thread 2.5 mm Resistive Load 10 – 47k ohms
V.T.A. 20 Degrees Tracking Force 1.8 – 20 gms
Weight 6 gms Arm V.T.A. Horizontal
Dynamic Comp 15 uM / Mh

The A.C.T. 0.5 – tonearm
The Wilson Benesch A.C.T. 0.5 tonearm is derived fr
om the world’s most advanced tonearm, the Wilson Be
A.C.T. Two. The fundamental design features of the
A.C.T. 0.5 tonearm are exactly the same as the A.C
.T. Two.
Wilson Benesch tonearms are quite unlike any other
tonearm design in every respect.
• Unique curved carbon fibre arm tube.
• Unique Kinematic bearing.
• Exhibits stiction free operation.
• Will last indefinitely.
• Every one sounds the same.
• Unaffected by temperature.
• Dynamic damping is a natural function of the design.
• High-pressure contact points between all moving sur
• Unique counterbalance arrangement.
• Provides non-compliant counter mass.
• Provides azimuth adjustments.
• Provides bearing stabilisation.
• Unique sound unlike any metal (conventional) product.

Carbon tube
• Torsionally 10 times stiffer than titanium.
• Half the mass of aluminium.
• 5 times the specific stiffness of steel.
• Order of magnitude better damping than most enginee
ring metals.