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SOtM high-end USB kabel

Filtered USB cable : dCBL-UF Cobber
Fra 6.990 kr.

Filtered USB cable : dCBL-UF Silver
Fra 8.990 kr.

Cobber wire with power signal: 4.095 kr. – 7.195 kr.

Silver wire with power signal: 5.250 kr. – 10.095 kr.

dCBL-U2 is tuned based on PC which installed  tX-USB or tX-USBexp, SATA filter, FANusb sotm filter and eABS-100 to maximize the best performance of USB audio devices. Since such this specialized setting is beyond the limits of normal PC audio, the result of dCBL-U2 brings the sonic difference between the general USB cables even though in a very brief moment.

The dCBL-U2 is more open, wider and dynamic sound than its predecessor and it has its own unique beauty and elegance with detailed and delicacy sound. In addition, it also present the mid-high range as well as the deep base range in exact detail without any distortion.

As for the order options, UPOCC Copper wire which is calm and tidy or UPOCC Silver wire which is more open, wide and delicate relatively are available, and you should choose whether the USB power signal needed or not. The length for he standard cable is 1M, and also you can choose 0.5M, or 1.5M or 2M.

If you choose dCBL-U2 as an option for not including power signal, this option can block the noise entirely from the USB power signal, so it has an advantage in sound. But this option (not including power signal) can not be used with some USB audio devices which should be powered by USB port, so in this case, you should make an option for including power signal. On the other hand, we recommend to use the cable options for not including power signal with SOtM products since SOtM’s all products don’t get powered by USB port.

If you connect dCBL-U2 to your USB audio systems you will be able to experience the ultimate PC audio sound beyond the limit of CD.



SOtM high-end netværkskabel.

Fra 4.490 kr.

  • High-end audio grade SFTP cable
  • High quality zinc die casting housing connector
  • Noise filter block for superior tonal balance and sound quality


Fra 1.490 kr.

KaDo signalkabel rca

3.495 kr.DSC01120

1mtr.  forsølvet 22AWG skærmet signalkabel i teflonkappe, monteret med minimalistiske Rca stik.



KaDo signalkabel xlr

4.495 kr.DSC01122

1mtr  forsølvet 22AWG skærmet signalkabel i
teflonkappe, monteret med minimalistiske Xlr stik.



KaDo højtalerkabel

5.995 kr.DSC01125

2x3mtr 16AWG forsølvet  højttalerkabel med 19 ledere i teflonkappe, monteret med 4mm bananrør eller spader med lav masse og god kontakt.

NuForce IC-700 Interconnect Cable

Fra 1.795 kr.

Like the SC-700 Speaker Cable, the IC-700 Interconnect features Focused Field design, implemented with a hollow-core conductor for maximum skin surface and conductor proximity.

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NuForce Focused Field SC-700 Speaker Cable

Fra 3.195 kr.

NuForce Focused Field Cables have been designed to optimize the performance of modern electronics and switching devices. Switching amps, including NuForce’s critically acclaimed product line, will perform at the height of their potential.

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NuForce Precision 75-Ohm Digital Coaxial Cable

Fra 1.095 kr.

The NuForce Precision 75-Ohm Digital Coaxial Cable in BNC or RCA terminations offers state-of-the-art design for wide-band, low-distortion digital transmission. The Coax Cable employs the same construction features as precision network-analyzer test cables.

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NuForce HDMI Cable

Fra 795 kr.

Digital video bandwidth demands have been increasing with breathtaking speed: from less than 1 GB/s to more than 10 GB/s in less than four years! At development rates like these, today’s consumer should not be constrained tomorrow by inadequate cables.

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 NuForce Usb Impulse Cable

Fra 195 kr.

Nuforce Impulse USB Cable has been designed to optimize computer-based music playback via USB cable.


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Studiosound Value Line netkabel

 2.495 kr.

Dette kabel er bygget af udvalgte komponenter fundet gennem længere tids udvikling og lyttetest.

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Blue Jeans Coaxial Digital Audio Cable: Belden 1694A 1 meter

295 kr




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Blue Jeans Optical Digital Audio Cable: Mitsubishi Eska POF 1 meter

245 kr.





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