NuForce Focused Field SC-700 Speaker Cable

Fra 3.195 kr.

NuForce Focused Field Cables have been designed to optimize the performance of modern electronics and switching devices. Switching amps, including NuForce’s critically acclaimed product line, will perform at the height of their potential. Traditional linear devices, including tube amps, will also benefit from the Focused Field Cable’s remarkable capabilities, particularly at the highest and lowest audible frequencies. In that enviable tradition, our Focused Field cables offer the following benefits:

  • A wider, deeper, richly dimensioned soundstage.
  • Extended, exquisitely detailed yet natural-sounding highs.
  • Deeper, consistently tuneful bass
  • From micro to macro, a wide and dramatic dynamic range.
  • A consistently warm and inviting sonic palette.
  • OFHC Copper, PEX dielectrics, Si-Insulators, Gold Bananas (spring-loaded, gold-plated to 3 micro-inches)
  • LRC of 8 feet cable: 445 nH, 28 mOhm, 1100 pF